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Today I want to talk to you about Nelly Ezeanya whom I have been coaching and mentoring since the start of 2022.

Nelly (42) is a mother of two from River State, Nigeria and is establishing herself as a Front End Software Developer.

As her referee, I’m proud to share that in the past 12 months Nelly has made enormous progress in her career development and that she is ready to take an #internship opportunity in the field.

So why should you hire her?

In January of 2022 I started with some phone calls to understand her necessities and desires. At the time she was completing her studies at National Institute of Information Technology and her Master in HR Management at the IAUE, Port Harcourt.

There was some work to do and Nelly wasn’t afraid to get onto it. We started off in February by building a CV that showed her skills and potential, followed by getting acquainted with LinkedIn and professional email exchanges.

Of course these were the basics and Nelly wanted to learn more, but I couldn’t offer much more on my own so I asked my fabulous friend Gilberto Morishaw whether he knew of any program/fellowship that are helping African women to develop their tech skills and just like magic he sent me this link:

That is when, in March my #coaching became more and more consistent. We basically met up every week, in order to make sure that she would get into the Nigerian Women Techsters program of Tech4Dev funded by Microsoft.

On the 13th of March Nelly sent her application which she wrote (I only gave her tips on how to improve clarity in her writing). She was about to compete with other 11.000 African women. 🌍

A month later (4 May), she was allowed to go the next stage of the application: Tests + Video introduction. She passed the second stage and in June 15th she took the final interview assessment.

In July, she received the so much attended letter: Welcome to the Women Techsters Fellowship Class of 2023! 🎉 😄

She had made it! Among the 11.000 applicants she is one of the 1.100 women who got accepted (Ratio 1:10) in the program. This already tells you a lot about her qualities and perseverance.

Once the paperwork with Tech4Dev was signed she immediately started in August the highly intensive course into Front End Software Development where she would learn about #HTML#CSS#Javascript#React, Authentication, API Consumption, Typescript and more.

Fast forward 5 months and she is now finishing her 1st part of the Fellowship and in order to complete the second part (Feb-June) she needs to apply her skills in a real work environment (online is welcome as well).

So if you know of anybody or companies that are looking for front end software developers or (paid) interns in their tech startup, please reach out to me or Nelly so that she can complete her Women Techsters Fellowship successfully!

Nelly Ezeanya you are doing amazing!

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