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Hi! I’m Paolo. I’m a podcast producer, host, author, journalist and content strategist. I’m mostly interested in contemporary politics and global affairs, especially in those matters that I personally consider crucial for the future of our society, such as the situation of refugees, the looming threat of climate change and in general, all those topics that have consequences for our daily life. But I also feel strongly about what I consider the main purpose of journalism today: to speak the truth and to give a voice to those who don’t have one, to those whose life is made a daily battle.

I believe that everyone should know that the truth matters, so my work often involves outreach work to highlight that for people who need it the most: underprivileged communities and the citizens of democratic countries. Many times I have had the opportunity to work for free in order to share valuable information with the less informed, and for the more involved, to build a great common vision of a better tomorrow.

With my podcast “Europe Matters” I’m doing precisely that, interviewing on a weekly basis well known personalities, intellectuals and activists who speak the truth, who are pioneers of political thought and action in the middle of this noisy information chaos, this is just what the world needs.

In this digital age, the web is definitely the best media for spreading truthful, long-lasting information. In my own definition, true journalism and politics are both about participation. I believe that the solution to today’s problems must be found by including all the people, everybody has a place in society and everybody has the right to speak, to be heard, to act. Our real strength is the union of the voices, our power is in people power.

From a young age I was very passionate about everything media-related, so I’ve dedicated my life to being the voice of the people. I started my career in the media in 2016 when I became part of Room for Discussion I found the idea of taking the time to create thoughtful debates and discussions really appealing and wanted to participate in it. This gave me the opportunity to meet and talk with people from different walks of life and backgrounds who have all a valuable point to contribute.